Potentially the Best Website Design Ever Conceived

Sure, there are horrible sites that make you wonder what debilitated mental state the website designer was in when creating them, but then there are the ones whose designs scream one word: “Genius!” There aren’t many of these sites out there, as many lie in between as items of mediocrity dependent merely on clear navigation […]


true detective tribute site

We Keep the Other Bad Men from the Door: An Excellent Tribute to True Detective

I’m a big fan of HBO’s recent first season of True Detective. Stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson—as well as writer Nic Pizzolatto—managed to bring to life the characters of Marty Hart and the enigmatic Rustin “Rust” Cohle. Given how complex it is, I was also on the hunt for an organized look at the […]

Team Viget: Innovators in Web Design

  One company that puts on an interesting, relevant, and light-hearted front is Viget. Their Space Odyssey website presents everything you need and want to know about “Team Viget” in a way that’s simultaneously entertaining and informative. Nothing is bland or difficult to navigate in its design, and it’s certainly unique as a whole. Making […]



The Carbon Tree: A Fine Example in Quality Web Design

I’m always interested in finding new ways to help improve our environment. I’m also equally interested in learning facts that motivate me even more to do so. There are articles and websites available all over the Internet that will tell businesses and landowners how to contribute to the preservation of our planet, but it’s always […]

Mackey Design: A Close Look at the Best of Web Design

  Although I’m not a web designer myself and have only dabbled in it to an extent, I’ve become more attentive and perceptive about web design since the early 2000s, and I must say that I’ve seen a lot of changes in trends and technology within that window of time. With tools that make web […]