We Keep the Other Bad Men from the Door: An Excellent Tribute to True Detective 1

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I’m a big fan of HBO’s recent first season of True Detective. Stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson—as well as writer Nic Pizzolatto—managed to bring to life the characters of Marty Hart and the enigmatic Rustin “Rust” Cohle. Given how complex it is, I was also on the hunt for an organized look at the season, when I stumbled upon this online tribute to True Detective.

Easily-Navigated Layout

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Apart from simply being a thorough and colorful examination of the characters, events and geography of the show, the website also serves as a great example of efficient, easy-to-navigate web design. You can scroll down in sequence from the intro to the characters seen throughout the series, to the landscape of southern Louisiana. It’s like having the story gracefully unfold before me all over again.

If you haven’t seen the show, I advise you not to scroll too far for fear of coming across spoilers, but I can tell you it’s certainly well-crafted; you have the navigation at the top that follows you as you scroll, allowing you to easily get anywhere in the site without having to make the long trek back to the top of the page (though there’s an obvious arrow for that as well), and the visual presentation is appealing and simple enough to make it fun to explore—about as colorful as you can get for this show without reaching childish proportions.

This is one of those fan websites that actually feels like it was created by HBO as a promotional website, as I am definitely impressed with the design. It’s no wonder, considering Nigel Evan Dennis created the design and artwork. Now excuse me while I spend a couple hundred bucks on some of the site’s awesome-looking limited-edition matte posters.

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