Gulla’s Arrestling: Another Example of Website Amazingness

Gulla's Arrestling home page

Are you a police officer who wants to learn more about how to effectively beat suspects prior to arrest? Do you like websites that have a deep appreciation for primary colors? Then Gulla’s Arrestling is likely your version of paradise. This website’s got it all: in-your-face design, action shots, colorful text, and masculine ego all rolled into one.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these incredible elements.

Look at Those Colors!

Just look at them. You’ve got blue and red bars over images of Arrestling founder Don Gulla and co. fighting,┬ástanding, or lying on the ground,

Gulla's Arrestling wrestlers on red background


man on ground aiming fake gun on blue background Don Gulla standing on red, white and blue background

and yellow bars behind black and red text that just enhance the color scheme.

black text on yellow background

With this range of three colors that match the American flag and the logo that appear in the Arrestling emblem featuring Handcuff Man,

Gulla's Arrestling logo

we have a beautiful home page. Even the title tag, which would normally be the title of the business for SEO purposes, lets us know that we are in fact on the home page.

Look at That Navigation!

Gulla's Arrestling website navigation

That’s actually the navigation at the bottom of the page, and it’s the most beautiful part of the design. I mean, just check out those blurry buttons that further express “America!” with the red white and blue colors. Look at that giant “Videos” link that allows you to click on “VIDE” and “OS” separately to go to the same page.

And look at the gun and gentle smile from Rener Gracie that greet you on the Videos page (title tag here is “Videos” to help avoid confusion)!

Gulla's Arrestling videos page

The top navigation is simple, but nothing really to look at. But you’ve got your “Courses”, “Schedule”, “Founder”, “Instructors”, and “News” buttons to show you the awesomeness of Gulla’s Arrestling.

man on ground aiming flare gun and man on top

man shooting another man in side with flare

police officer aiming gun at man with knife unfairly

Something tells me this isn’t the best way to help someone into their car.

man restraining another man in car door

I don’t know about you, but these images are giving me the urge to sign up immediately. And I’m not even a cop. I just want to learn about how to Arrestle.

Some pages don’t even feature navigation, like the Instructors page (with the title tag of “Instructor’s”, because apostrophe=plural). Instead, we get awesome pixelated pictures of some experienced Arrestlers.

Gulla's Arrestlers Instructors page


Other Unbeatable Features

Apart from what you see above, some of the other attributes of this site include a 1.4mb home page, which also uses @import from the designer’s C drive, and Macromedia Contribute 2.

All in all, it’s a beautiful site that should win many website design awards.

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