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Sure, there are horrible sites that make you wonder what debilitated mental state the website designer was in when creating them, but then there are the ones whose designs scream one word: “Genius!” There aren’t many of these sites out there, as many lie in between as items of mediocrity dependent merely on clear navigation and clear textual information.

One site that manages to fly sky high above all of the others in the world wide web is a little car leasing site called It’s an emblem for every site to look up to, a design to take reference from in every aspect. Let’s look at why.


Abundance of Color

When I first visited, it was like going through the time-space tunnel in 2001: A Space Odyssey. I was transported in an instant to a world where boredom ceased to exist on the Internet, a haven of entertainment to keep me engaged, with so much color my eyes nearly exploded all over my screen, which wouldn’t have been very good for a long list of reasons, but it would’ve been worth it.

See for yourself:

lings cars homepage

This is the glorious opening you get when you first visit the website. If you aren’t sitting there drooling in amazement already, wait until you visit the rest of the website.

Owner Ling has managed to put together a website so engaging that it’s almost impossible to believe it exists.

Animations Galore

The other principal reason sells us so well is because of its lack of fear of animations. From the spinning tires and animated live chat tabs to the spastic flashing text and the “Google Spider Food”,

google spider food

this site has it all to hold your attention. Sure, epileptics might have a bad reaction to the website, but this website clearly isn’t intended for the seizure-prone Internet explorers, who should probably be wary wherever they browse.

And who am I to deny that they have the “Best Frequently Asked Questions in the World” that is claimed by their flashing green text?


No Lack of Crazy Web Design Stuff

Tired of websites that don’t make navigation a fun adventure of sorts? Look no further than to satisfy. They even have a tab for “Fun Stuff”!

fun stuff lings cars

Ling has gone all out in making sure that leasing cars is a great experience, even going so far as having her slave representative Christine perform a bunch of karaoke videos:


And if you visit the best Frequently Asked Questions in the world section, you not only get your questions answered, but you get them answered in video form, in broken English on a green-screened plane background, for some reason!

lings cars

They even have an awesome Live Chat service, where you can see the person you’re speaking to in a webcam feed from Ling’s UK-based office!


Put simply: This site is amazing! There is so much more loaded into this 10-year-old website that I didn’t even mention: “stupid” games, awards, a live webcam over their office, a car quiz with some odd questions and pictures, and a ton of other interesting things.

That is why we here at Mackey Design believe Ling’s website is most likely the best on the web.

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One thought on “ Potentially the Best Website Design Ever Conceived

  • Aiyanah

    With due respect, I can give you many exmaelps of the worst websites making many sales. The reason Lings site is successful has nothing to do with the backend or CRM. She get’s traffic and plenty of it.Even the worst piece of marketing material will average a return of 2-3%.I would actually say those figures are a happy accident Ling has clearly found a way to engage with visitors to her website, as far as I can see she realises it’s the engagement that helps her win business, but she puts it down to the site.She hasn’t tried improving things cosmetically and doesn’t appear open to it, so will never know the benefits of having a properly designed website in conjunction with her customer engagement.As long as Ling continues on this path, she will continue to have an average conversion rate a good website get’s the best possible conversion rate for the TYPE of traffic it is receiving.Bottom line is if I put up a website even a one pager with no effort With enough traffic I will make a sale. That’s a fact.