Team Viget: Innovators in Web Design



One company that puts on an interesting, relevant, and light-hearted front is Viget. Their Space Odyssey website presents everything you need and want to know about “Team Viget” in a way that’s simultaneously entertaining and informative. Nothing is bland or difficult to navigate in its design, and it’s certainly unique as a whole.

Making Full Use of an Effective Design

When you load up the site, you’re faced with the Team Viget Space Odyssey intro page that tells you what the company is about in a brief couple of sentences. What truly sets this site apart is the side-scrolling format. Instead of going down the page or clicking on tabs to view different pages, you click on arrows to the right or left that smoothly transition to the next or previous page. What makes this interesting to me is that each page is still its own, with a unique URL, but the website simply appears to “move” you from one page to the next instead of loading up a new one. Objects on each page are also animated, making the site feel even more interactive.




Viget’s Space Odyssey site provides a very visually engaging means to introduce you to their projects. Now, I had to go to the main Viget website to really understand what the company was about, but essentially the company creates programs and other little technological solutions that make day-to-day life even easier for us as well as the guys in the Viget offices. The Space Odyssey site showcases the specific projects they’ve worked on, including installing a small barcode scanner by their fridge that scans any food they want, transfers the data to a Raspberry Pi and then plugs it into Google Analytics to help them track their consumption. Another idea of theirs is Shorter Order, which is an app that allows you to easily organize group lunches and invite people to place their orders.

Connecting Websites Seamlessly

Once you’re done exploring the many projects Team Viget has accomplished, you can then click on the next arrow that takes you to their contact page. In keeping with the space theme a globe version of the United States is shown with pins clearly indicating Viget’s office locations. You can also click on any of the job positions listed on the page and the links will redirect you to their main website, where the positions are described in detail and you can learn even more about the company. All in all, Viget displays a great way to have multiple websites that smoothly interconnect and allow your business to distribute company information in a number of engaging and accessible ways.

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