The Carbon Tree: A Fine Example in Quality Web Design


I’m always interested in finding new ways to help improve our environment. I’m also equally interested in learning facts that motivate me even more to do so. There are articles and websites available all over the Internet that will tell businesses and landowners how to contribute to the preservation of our planet, but it’s always nice to see a unique and visually appealing explanation that feels wholly interactive as well.

When I briefly researched the phrase “carbon capture” after hearing about it from a friend, I stumbled upon an impressive website that informed me better than my friend ever could have—no offense to him. The Carbon Tree is a high quality website that presents a solution to the climate change issue in a truly engaging way. Instead of simply forcing information and overwhelming statistics on you to digest, the website provides a nice long easy-to-read page with an attractive banner image to start you off, with layered rows below it informing you of the many benefits of planting to eliminate greenhouse gases.

Saving the Environment with a Good Website

In addition to easy navigation using tabs clearly labeled at the top of The Carbon Tree’s main page, each individual page explains planting benefits both visually and textually. It’s the perfect balance of words and imagery to ensure that readers don’t get bored with the content, while educating them at the same time. Even if visitors are uninformed, the website doesn’t seem to talk down to visitors who are unfamiliar with environmental or botanical terms.

If you don’t know what carbon capture is, the website provides plenty of information about this practice in a format that’s extremely accessible. The page covering the principles of carbon capture is even animated to unveil each step of the process as you scroll down. At the bottom of the page is a graph about the amount of woodland planting in the United Kingdom. All of this is entirely interactive in a user-friendly format, which is why it is perfect for even less tech-savvy people.

Successfully Fighting Bad Design Tendencies

It’s also easy to contact The Carbon Tree through highly visible contact buttons as well as LinkedIn and Twitter follow buttons. Although The Carbon Tree focuses primarily on the UK, the points brought up still remain and the benefits of planting there are as pertinent here. The website brings an admirable presence to an issue that’s been the subject of endless debate, and should inspire many site owners as a prime example of effective web design.

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